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Dlink+ w/CPDLC System Overview
The Dlink+ w/CPDLC unit provides the flight crew with the ability to send and receive Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) and Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) messages over Very High Frequency Digital Link (VDL) Mode A/2 networks. Dlink+ w/CPDLC merges the data link requirements of EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ with three separate avionics units: CDU, CMU and VDL Mode A/2 Radio into one cockpit-mounted Line Replaceable Unit (LRU).

Preferred Capabilities
• Baseline EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ (CPDLC)
• Baseline ACARS (ARINC 618/620 & 622/623)
• End-to-end Aircraft Operational Control (AOC)
• OOOI Events (Out, Off, On, In)
• VHF network provider: ARINC/SITA
• Air Traffic Services (ATS)
• Interface to Iridium SATCOM devices
• Interface to ARINC 739 Devices

Designed to ARINC Standards
• ARINC 750 VHF Digital Radio (VDR)
• ARINC 739 Control Display Unit (CDU)
• ARINC 724B/758 Communications Management Unit (CMU)

Interface to Iridium and SATCOM Capability
Dlink+ w/CPDLC has the ability to interface with Iridium and SATCOM devices via ARINC 429 communication. This interfacing capability allows the use of ACARS functionality while the aircraft is traveling outside of normal VHF coverage areas.

Interface to ARINC739 Device Capability
Dlink+ w/CPDLC has the ability to connect with other ARINC 739 compliant devices allowing the Dlink+ w/CPDLC to be used as a remote display…SATCOM dialing is one example.

Aircraft Condition Monitoring Function (ACMF)
Dlink+ w/CPDLC has the ability to monitor aircraft systems and report Aircraft Condition Monitoring Functions (ACMF) via ARINC 429 interface. With this condition monitoring capability, Dlink+ w/CPDLC can be configured to monitor airframe and engine parameters allowing a variety of FOQA and MOQA type events, either routine, or as the result of an exceedance, to be detected and downlinked with required parameters for information or action.

Full-Featured ACARS Database
Dlink+ w/CPDLC comes with a full-featured ARINC 618/622 ACARS database.

EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ Implementation (CPDLC)

Protected Mode-Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (PM-CPDLC)
Per ATN SARPS & ICAO 9705, partial implementation to support EUROCONTROL Link 2000+.

Data Link Initiation Capability (DLIC)
This service is initiated by aircrew on first contact with an ATC unit that supports data communications. It is a pre-requisite to the operational data-link services and allows flight plan/address association in the ATC system. The following information is provided to the ground system: airframe identification, aircraft identification, supported air-ground data-link services, departure and destination airports, and estimated off block time (EOBT), when available.

ATC Communication Management (ACM)
The ACM service supports the transparent transfer of data communications, in synchronization with the transfer of voice communications. It also retains the operational principle that there is only one controlling authority, and that the controlling authority is properly and unambiguously identified. (Current sector controller initiates this service to transfer ATC communications to next sector).

ATC Clearances (ACL)
Allows the request (aircrew) and delivery of (controller) en-route clearances such as level (including constraints based on time, position, vertical rate-of-change), heading, speed (IAS/Mach), direct route, and rate of climb/descent. The ACL service also enables SSR code change instructions and provides acknowledgements in both directions.

ATC Microphone Check (AMC)
Provides controllers with the capability to up-link an instruction for all aircraft to check that they are not inadvertently blocking a given voice channel.

Meets the requirements of mandated European Law for CPDLC

European Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/2009
Dlink+ w/CPDLC provides an efficient means to comply with the requirements of European law defined by European Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/200 also referred to Data Link Services Implementing Rule (DLS IR). Dlink+ w/CPDLC provides mandated compliance within a single LRU.

Mandated Key Points
• Aircraft operation above FL 285
• Aircraft operation in designated European Airspace
• 1 January 2011 – All new aircraft operating above FL 285 must be equipped with a compliant system.
• 5 February 2015 – All aircraft operating above FL 285 must have been retrofitted with a compliant system.

  Visit the EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ website
  Visit the EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ FAQ page for more information

Specifications  Specifications may change without notice.

General Specifications
DZUS Mount 5.75"w x 4.5"h x 8.5"d
Weight 6 pounds
Display Internal Monochrome EL
9 Line Display x 24 Characters
Power Nominal 28 VDC
(20.5-32.2 VDC Range)
25 Watts Typical
160 Watts Max (Transmit < 1sec)
Temperature Operating -15 to +55C
Short term operating -40 to +70
Survival -55 to +85C
Environmental RTCA DO-160E
Software RTCA DO-178B Level C
Complex Hardware RTCA DO-254 Level C
VHF Radio VDL Mode A/2 Data Only

ARINC 429 Receivers 8
RS-232 Receivers -
RS-422 Receiver -
Discrete 8

ARINC 429 Transmitters 4
RS-232 Transmitters -
RS-422 Transmitters -
Discrete 4

Motorola MPC860EN 39MHz
Memory 16 MB Flash, 8MB SDRAM on each
microprocessor-based PCA
Memory On Chip 64K Words RAM

Common Color Choices
Part Number Color Description
14114-1-00 Black per FED-STD-595 #37038 and Boeing BAC706
14114-1-01 Gray per Boeing BAC703 (Boeing 737 Classic/737NG, 747 Classic)
14114-1-02 Medium Brown per Boeing BAC8328 (Boeing 747-400/747-8, 757, 767, 777)
14114-1-04 Gray per FED-STD-595 #36118
14114-1-05 Blue-Gray per FED-STD-595 #35164 (Airbus)

Other color options are avaiable, contact Spectralux Avionics for more information.

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