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meet the mandate ... Dlink+ w/CPDLC
The Dlink+ w/CPDLC unit provides the flight crew with the ability to send and receive Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC) and Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) messages over Very High Frequency Digital Link (VDL) Mode A/2 networks. Dlink+ w/CPDLC merges the data link requirements of EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ with three separate avionics units: CDU, CMU and VDL Mode A/2 Radio into one cockpit-mounted Line Replaceable Unit (LRU).

EUROCONTROL Link 2000+ Implementation (CPDLC)

Protected Mode-Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (PM-CPDLC)
Per ATN SARPS & ICAO 9705, partial implementation to support EUROCONTROL Link 2000+.

Data Link Initiation Capability (DLIC)
This service is initiated by aircrew on first contact with an ATC unit that supports data communications. It is a pre-requisite to the operational data-link services and allows flight plan/address association in the ATC system. The following information is provided to the ground system: airframe identification, aircraft identification, supported air-ground data-link services, departure and destination airports, and estimated off block time (EOBT), when available.

ATC Communication Management (ACM)
The ACM service supports the transparent transfer of data communications, in synchronization with the transfer of voice communications. It also retains the operational principle that there is only one controlling authority, and that the controlling authority is properly and unambiguously identified. (Current sector controller initiates this service to transfer ATC communications to next sector).

ATC Clearances (ACL)
Allows the request (aircrew) and delivery of (controller) en-route clearances such as level (including constraints based on time, position, vertical rate-of-change), heading, speed (IAS/Mach), direct route, and rate of climb/descent. The ACL service also enables SSR code change instructions and provides acknowledgements in both directions.

ATC Microphone Check (AMC)
Provides controllers with the capability to up-link an instruction for all aircraft to check that they are not inadvertently blocking a given voice channel.

Meets the requirements of mandated European Law for CPDLC

European Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/2009
Dlink+ w/CPDLC provides an efficient means to comply with the requirements of European law defined by European Commission Regulation (EC) No 29/200 also referred to Data Link Services Implementing Rule (DLS IR). Dlink+ w/CPDLC provides mandated compliance within a single LRU.

Mandated Key Points
• Aircraft operation above FL 285
• Aircraft operation in designated European Airspace
• 1 January 2011 – All new aircraft operating above FL 285 must be equipped with a compliant system.
• 5 February 2015 – All aircraft operating above FL 285 must have been retrofitted with a compliant system.

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